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ARTC Logistics has been in the business of providing shippers with advanced transportation management software and third-party logistics services for over five decades. ARTC has the unique ability to break down all of your transportation costs and give you the tools to significantly lower costs. You can streamline shipping processes and increase productivity.


Audited Invoices Yearly


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Packages Under Management

ARTC for Shippers


  • Our software and services help you make the best decisions regarding your freight.  
  • Improve your routing, time-in-transit and accounting processes.
  • Freight Rating, Payment (software & services) & Audit
  • Carrier Negotiation Support:
    • Parcel
    • LTL
    • Truckload
    • International
  • Routing Optimization
  • Inbound Routing/Vendor Compliance
  • Dashboard Reporting

ARTC for Carriers (Partners)


  • ARTC is the conduit between the shippers and carriers.  
  • ARTC receives invoices. 
  • ARTC supports direct EDI.
  • ARTC’s carrier portal shows payment status.
  • Flexible payment methods.
  • Carriers get paid faster

ARTC Logistics. Same Team of Experts.
New Name and Brand.

AR Traffic Consultants is now ARTC Logistics. The launch of ARTC is a true reflection of the rapid progression and technological advances that our company has exhibited for over 58 years. While our brand and name have changed, ARTC Logistics is the same company that you know and have been utilizing as a trusted business partner. Our commitment to you will never change. ARTC guards your bottom line by lowering freight costs and providing the service and data needed to keep your business moving forward.

Where ARTC Fits In Your Business

We have designed ARTC’s products in a modular fashion so that each can be customized in a package that suits all of your requirements.  Most products can be hosted from our server (SaaS model) or installed as a legacy tool. Consider the following features that ARTC Logistics can provide you.

  • Carrier Rate Shopping
    All carriers and modes are supported. Optimal carriers are determined (cost, customer preferences, transit time, etc.)
  • Routing optimization
    We combine shipments going to the same customer or multiple customers/stop for even more savings
  • Load Tendering
    “Cascade” logic
  • Documentation
    Labels, Bills of Lading, International paperwork
  • Freight Audit
    All freight costs are accurately audited to the penny. This  includes all freight components (fuel, accessorial, taxes, etc.)
  • Tracking and Tracing
    Locate your shipments in real time. You can even notify clients of late deliveries.
  • Vendor Compliance Portal
    Advance ship notification of inbound loads.
  • Advanced Analytics
    Availability of Post-Hoc Opportunity Studies and “What-If Scenario” studies. You can see how rate changes or warehouse relocation will affect freight costs.
  • Freight-At-A Glance with ARTC’s Graphical Dashboard

Products and Services

Our full suite of products and services provides customers with an exact fit for their business requirements. Discuss your needs with our team to learn how ARTC Logistics can streamline processes, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs for your organization.

We Live ERP

CalcRate, ARTC’s flagship software program, is designed to interface with your order-entry, warehouse management and accounting software to optimize shipping and manage freight payables. CalcRate can be used independently as a stand-alone application on System i, iSeries or AS/400 or from our web portal as a SaaS hosted solution.

ARTC has experience interfacing directly to many ERP/WMS solutions including: SAP, MS Dynamics, MS 365, JD Edwards, Harris Data, plus many more. As an Infor Solution Partner, ARTC products have been connected to: Mapics XA, BPCS LX, System 21, M3, KBM, Warehouse Boss, etc.

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ARTC Logistics has helped many companies like yours save on freight costs, streamline freight management and audit freight invoices. Call us today to discover the best ways to operate your freight business.