Freight Audit & Payment

We Have You Covered

At times, outsourcing some or all of your freight pay and auditing tasks can be a best business practice. ARTC Logistics has you covered as the best, most experienced company in its field. We have been performing third-party logistics services for almost six decades.

ARTC provides services such as Parcel, LTL, Truckload, Rail, Intermodal, and International with greater accuracy and lower costs. Utilizing ARTC can not only save you time but also can keep those profits flowing back into your business.

Learn about our services illustrated below.

Third Party Freight Pay

Your carrier-specific rates are stored in our central database, which are are available to you for rate shopping. All bills are pre-audited to ensure carrier invoicing is accurate.  Our analysis has shown that carriers improperly bill up to 4% of the time.  We validate the rates, discounts, accessorial charges, freight class application, fuel, shipping terms, duplicates, delivery guarantees and more.

Freight bills are coded for your general ledger, down to the SKU level if you require, allowing you to appropriately allocate your freight costs.

We typically deduct discrepancies from carrier payments eliminating the need to file claims and saving you time and money.


Many pre-defined reports are available to you through the internet or hard copy. If you need them, we can develop custom reports or you can use our tool to create and save your own reports. Additionally, you will have access to our Freight Dashboard where you can visualize all of your Key Performance Indicators at a glance.

Freight Invoice Status

We retain your freight history indefinitely. Both you and your carriers can check the status of any bill, either via the Internet or by contacting us directly.  LET US DEAL WITH YOUR CARRIERS.

Freight Bill Imaging

We offer scanning and digitizing of your freight bills so that you can have instant access to the bills online when any questions arise. You no longer have to store paper copies of the bills or look through voluminous files.

In addition, shipping documents (Bllls of Lading, Proofs of Delivery, and Freight Invoices) are accessible from our portal and available for download. 

Deep Analytics – Understanding the Data

ARTC Logistics can conduct the following studies for you:

  • Routing Opportunity/Compliance shows instances where shipments were not tendered to your preferred carrier or the carrier with the best rates.
  • Carrier Report Cards measure on-time performance.
  • Inventory Supply Point analyzes multiple warehouses simultaneously to determine the most cost-effective sourcing location.
  • Analyze all LTL and Truckload shipments to determine if they can be combined into multi-stop/multi-origin truckload shipments.
  • Analyze all LTL shipments to determine if pool points should be established.
  • “What-If” Rate Analysis shows you the cost impact of changes in the carrier’s contracted rates, including changes in the tariff, discount, FAK, accessorials and fuel surcharges.
  • Benchmark studies for Parcel, LTL and Truckload modes to quantitatively compare your rates versus others in the industry.

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ARTC Logistics has helped many companies save on freight costs, streamline freight management, audit freight invoices. Call us to find the best way to operate your freight business.