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ARTC Logistics is committed to lowering freight costs and providing all the right data to keep business moving forward.  ARTC has three core competencies: software solutions (stand-alone or interfaced), freight audit and payment, and specialized transportation consulting services.

Each of these capabilities will assist you in making the best decisions regarding your freight.  ARTC delivers a unique service that can lower and manage costs and streamlines shipping.

Logistics Consulting 

Given our years of experience and access to vast amount of freight history data, ARTC Logistics can quickly ascertain answers to complex industry problems using our state-of-the-art in-house transportation focused programs.

Carrier Rate Negotiation


ARTC will compare your freight and that of similar shippers to determine if your current carrier rates are market appropriate. An example of ARTC’s rate negotiation results is shown below.


We specialize in Parcel, Less-Than-Truckload and Full Truckload engagements with the particulars tailored for each mode.

  • freight history pulled
  • develop aggressive but market competitive pricing targets
    for each carrier
  • prepare company packet for submission
  • identify carriers that would support your requirements
  • solicit carrier bids and evaluate each carrier proposal
  • determine cost impact and market share impact of the pricing
  • develop/review carrier contracts

Warehouse Site Selection


Evaluates historic freight distribution in combination with carrier pricing to determine the impact of warehouse location on freight costs.

Shipment Consolidation


Identify potential savings opportunities by consolidating multiple customer orders destined to multiple locations on the same load using multi-stops in addition to pool distributors. Parcel carriers can determine if a zone skipping model is cost efficient.

TMS RFP Evaluation


ARTC’s consultants will assess your operational procedures to identify any potential inefficiencies.  Recommendations will be provided and a requirements document will be created.  Third-party specialists will also be identified.

Analysis Programs and Feasibility Studies


Routing Opportunity
Shows instances where shipments were not tendered to the carrier with the best rates. You can use this information to improve your shipping practices and save money.

Rate Analysis
Shows you the cost impact of changes in the carrier’s rates, including changes in the tariff, discount, FAK, floor, accessorials and fuel surcharges.

Inventory Supply Point
Analyzes multiple warehouses simultaneously to determine the most cost-effective warehouse to use for that shipment.

Routing Compliance
Analyzes compliance with your routing preferences. Noncompliant shipments are rerated with the preferred carriers to evaluate the change in cost associated with the misrouted shipments.

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